Best Work Socks for Sweaty Feet

Enjoy being comfortable with the Best Work Socks for Sweaty Feet.
Enjoy being comfortable with the Best Work Socks for Sweaty Feet.

Why Dig Socks Are The Best Work Socks for Sweaty Feet

There is nothing worse than dealing with a pair of sweaty socks during a long workday. However, ruining a pair of shoes because you have sweaty feet and gross socks is pretty bad. Most workers can avoid this problem by just buying and wearing bamboo socks. That way, they can wear a pair of comfortable, breathable, and nice smelling socks for once! After all, a bad pair of sweaty and smelly feet is not fun for anyone.

Anyone that works outside during the hot summer season knows it is hard to escape the heat. Especially on construction sites where workers are required to wear multiple protective layers. However, buying a great pair of bamboo socks can help people stay cool at all times. Also, here at Dig Socks, we have some of the best bamboo socks on the market.

Dig Socks uses a special Terry needle. As a matter of fact, we requested to have a one-of-a-kind, special Terry needle made for our business. That way, we can create the thicket padded Terry foot bottom. As a result, it is easy to understand how serious we take creating the best bamboo socks. So read more below about our best work socks for sweaty feet.

Bamboo Socks Are The Best Work Socks for Sweaty Feet

Bamboo socks are naturally breathable and comfortable. The cross-section of bamboo fiber features various micro-gaps and micro-holes. As a result, these socks provide better moisture absorption and ventilation as well. Therefore, these socks can absorb up to 4 times more moisture than cotton socks. So a worker can prevent sweat from even building up within their work boots. Long work days are much easier wearing a pair of premier bamboo socks from Dig Socks.

Cotton socks fail to absorb moisture and thus, they fail to absorb sweat. This leaves workers feet drenched in sweat and uncomfortable at all times. Bamboo fibers are organically 1 to 2 degrees cooler than the average fibers in cotton socks. As a result, cotton socks are much more likely to stick to skin in hot conditions. However, bamboo socks do not have this issue. Due to this, bamboo socks from Dig Socks are some of the best work socks for sweaty feet.

Now, workers that have to work in cold conditions but still deal with sweat, rejoice! Our Dig Socks products boast some impressive properties. Bamboo has pores that naturally close up in cold temperatures. Therefore, customers can stay cool during the Sumer and warm during the winter with the best work socks for sweaty feet.

Bamboo Sock Are The Best Works Socks for Sweaty & Smelly Feet

First and foremost, anyone that wears cotton socks to work is completely doing it wrong. Cotton socks usually feature synthetic fibers that are not great for work situations, not to mention everyday life. Bamboo socks are the best work socks for sweaty feet because they fight off awful odors and smells. Workers put on plenty of deodorants to protect their armpits from being gross after a long day of work. So why not do the same for your feet? After all, the feet are one of the smelliest body parts for both men and women! 

According to the 2012 National Foot Health Assessment, 16% of all adults over the age of 21 deal with foot odor. This is equal to nearly 36 million different people all struggling to battle against gross smells from their feet. As a result, there is no shame in buying the best work socks for sweaty feet. Especially considering the fact that you are not alone in battling foot odor.

Bamboo socks feature natural properties that make them the best work socks for sweaty feet. The Bamboo Kun substance in bamboo trees is what makes bamboo socks anti-odor. Bamboo Kun is a bio-agent that works to resist the growth of any bacteria on the fiber. As a result, bacteria do not get trapped on bamboo socks lie they do on cotton socks. So workers will not have to worry about their socks ever trapping any bad odors.

Bamboo Socks Keep Feet Cool & Comfy At All Times

As previously mentioned, bamboo socks let feet breathe and stay cool during hot work days. However, they are also quite soft to the skin as well. Therefore, workers will feel comfortable and cool at all times during a long workday. When compared to cotton socks, bamboo socks are twice as soft. Plus, we have some really detailed formulas that help create our amazing products. So the customer can enjoy some great socks for their work life every single day!

Closing Words On Buying The Best Work Socks for Sweaty Feet

Here at Dig Socks, we provide great socks but go above and beyond to help the environment. Our One Tree program is a program that we are really proud of here at our business. Simply put, every time we sell a pair of bamboo socks, we will plant a bamboo tree. We work in tandem with organizations across the globe that plant the trees for us. Our donation is sent directly to the non-profit organization that we work with every year. Once they receive our donation,  they plant the trees every quarter of a year. So you can help contribute to the betterment of society while enjoying the best work socks for sweaty feet.

Bamboo trees do not just produce great socks but they are also vital to the health of the environment. So customers that buy a sock can help spread better health across the globe. These bamboo trees help improve the climate, creates clean air, better water, biodiversities, and better medicine and health. So you can enjoy better feeling socks and more with Dig Socks. Also, you will be able to fight off those terrible odors that often plague cotton socks! So check out our selection of bamboo socks for the best work socks for sweaty feet.

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