Bamboo Fabric Facts, Information, & More

Bamboo Fiber Facts reveal how sustainable bamboo is and how great bamboo socks are for customers.
Bamboo Fiber Facts reveal how sustainable bamboo is and how great bamboo socks are for customers.

A Guide to All of the Bamboo Fabric Facts

Here at Dig Socks, we know that bamboo socks are a new concept and idea to many customers. The average person has probably worn cotton socks for a good portion of their lives. While this may be the norm, it is certainly to the best case scenario for any sock buyer. As a matter of fact, with the rise of bamboo socks, cotton socks seem obsolete. As a result, we want to provide customers with all of the important bamboo fabric facts they need and more.

Bamboo fabric facts include just how superior bamboo is when compared to cotton. Bamboo fiber works towards a better environment, it is cozy and soft, it fights off bad smells, and bamboo socks are pretty flexible with styles. Also, our bamboo socks are specially made from rare machines. As a result, our bamboo socks are very thick for padded protection. Read more information below then visit our shop for some great bamboo sock options.

Bamboo Fabric Facts Promote A Healthy Environment

First and foremost, the bamboo fabric comes from bamboo plants which are a sustainable resource. Bamboo trees grow quickly, nearly a meter or more a day. Due to this, bamboo trees are very simple to plant and grow. Also, there are no pesticides or herbicides used on bamboo fiber. So one of the bamboo fabric facts deals with just how unhealthy and hazardous cotton socks can be. As a result, people should look at bamboo socks to promote a healthier environment.

Bamboo is great for the environment because it is easy to re-harvest with no damage done to the surrounding area. However, bamboo fiber facts also extend to the true quality of bamboo socks. As a result, customers can enjoy some soft socks that feel great on their skin.

Bamboo Fabric Facts: Soft And Comfortable

Bamboo fabric is made of raw materials that come from bamboo pulp. As a result, this fiber offers a very smooth feeling against the skin. Customers may not even notice that they are wearing bamboo socks. Bamboo fabric facts include information revealing that bamboo socks are twice as soft as those bland cotton socks. Plus, these socks can stand up to multiple washings without any issue.

Customers also need to know that bamboo fiber offers a breathable feeling for anyone that sweats a lot. Listen, sometimes feet get sweaty during a hot summer season. However, that does not mean you should suffer through cotton socks that leave feet drenched. Instead, bamboo fabric facts show that organic micro-gaps and micro-holes. As a result, air can flow through these socks preventing too much sweat from building up over time! 

Bamboo Fiber Facts show that bamboo helps create some of the softest and most durable socks available.
Bamboo Fiber Facts show that bamboo helps create some of the softest and most durable socks available.

Bamboo Fabric Facts: Bamboo Actively Fight Against Disgusting Smells

Other bamboo fabric facts point to the helpful anti-odor nature of bamboo. As a matter of fact, Bamboo features a substance commonly referred to as Bamboo Kun. This substance cannot be found anywhere else except for Bamboo. Bamboo Kun boasts properties that are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial originally. As a result, this means that bamboo socks are constantly fighting off those horrible odors you hate.

Cotton socks normally just absorb and build up bacteria. This bacteria is what causes socks to smell terrible, not dirty feet. Due to this reason, customers cannot rid cotton socks of bad smells no matter how many times they wash them. Customers are better off buying some premier bamboo socks from our shop. Bamboo fabric facts show that bamboo fiber is three times better at fighting off bacteria as opposed to cotton socks. So you can avoid smelly feet by sticking to all of these bamboo fabric facts and more!

Dig Socks Special Bamboo Fabric Facts: Our Brand Of Bamboo Socks

First and foremost, we have used bamboo fabric facts to create some of the most versatile socks on the planet. Customers can wear these bamboo socks to work every day with a formal outfit. Also, customers can wear these socks outside while they work all day. Furthermore, these socks can be worn during athletic activities and even when just lounging around at home. Customers will absolutely love just how versatile our bamboo socks are for daily life.

More bamboo fabric facts reveal that our socks are also great for warding off harmful UV rays. Bamboo fiber is 98% effective against the harmful UV rays that cause sunburn. So customers can use these socks to avoid getting burnt while sitting out in the sun. However, what makes our bamboo socks impressive is that we have gone above and beyond to make the best products.

Here at Dig Socks, we have some of the best machines that money can buy. These special machines work with our special Terry needle to create the thicket bamboo socks. Bamboo fabric facts show that bamboo can be just as strong as steel. As a result, we believe that this bamboo fabric can be used to make padded socks. That way, anyone that has to work outside can enjoy extra strength. Furthermore, people rehabbing injuries will benefit from this extra padding as well!

Last Words On Bamboo Fabric Facts & More

Bamboo fabric facts help highlight just how great bamboo socks can be for people across the country. Anyone suffering from casual foot pain to diabetes patients can enjoy the benefits of bamboo socks. The extra padding also helps customers stay comfortable and productive on the worksite. As a result, customers of all ages and backgrounds should try out some bamboo socks.

We believe that customers will change their minds after wearing one pair of our bamboo socks. The benefits of bamboo fabric facts are too overwhelming to resist. So take some time to visit our website for more information on our company. Also, check out our shop as well for some premier bamboo socks. Customers can also find our products located on Amazon as well!

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