At DIG Socks, we’re devoted to creating the highest quality bamboo sock on the market, and strive to create the best bamboo sock possible. Producing an eco-friendly sock constructed of organic bamboo and its essential characteristics, comfort is genuinely natural. But we always want more out of this awesome fiber. Our aim focuses on durability, allowing us to provide a functional bamboo sock for everyday use. Something that will be a good fit for everyone from action sports to construction workers. All while translating our inspiration and expressions through original and innovative visions that stand out from the rest.

It took us over three years to develop the sock we have today. After three factories, six different types of bamboo and four different machines we finally have the right formula. We went through many revision to get to this bamboo sock that we have today. We tested the socks for months before refining the deign, technical features and materials. After working with many factories asking for only the highest quality bamboo and dye process, we finally have a sock we are happy with. As always we want to keep our vision aligned with our motto:

WeKeep The Funk Fresh! because with bamboo socks, your stinky feet stay fresh!

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