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What Are Bamboo Socks Made Of & More

Do you need some new socks? Then you need to know just What Are Bamboo Socks Made Of! These are high-quality socks made from fine fibers that are great for reducing smell and optimizing comfortability. Therefore, they are a great fit for people who live life on the go and cannot afford to be caught with some stanky feet. While these socks are becoming quite popular, many customers are unaware of all the facts surrounding bamboo socks. However, here at Dig Socks, we have all the information you need and more!

To understand just What Are Bamboo Socks Made Of, you have to understand bamboo trees. We have worked with bamboo trees for nearly three years creating the very best bamboo socks. As a result, we guarantee you will find a great fit here at Dig Socks. So take some time to read our information below and then check our shop for some great bamboo socks. 

Bamboo Trees Are Healthy For Us & Environment

One of the best parts of finding out just What Are Bamboo Socks Made Of involves all of the health benefits involved. Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly resources on the planet. It works to provide cleaner air, stronger soil and promotes a healthy environment. Therefore, we believe in protecting this resource while trying to use it to create bamboo socks. So obviously when you discuss What Are Bamboo Socks Made Of, you have to start with the bamboo tree itself!

Bamboo has a current growth rate of up to a meter or more per day. As a matter of fact, bamboo holds the world record as the fastest growing wood plant. Due to the fact that it grows so quickly, this is a very renewable source. Therefore, it is quite easy to use bamboo as a renewable resource. Plus, unlike cotton, bamboo can be kept as organic as possible and re-harvested with no damage to the surrounding environment. However, this is just the start of explaining What Are Bamboo Socks Made Of!

What Are Bamboo Socks Made Of?

The raw materials found in bamboo pulp are used to create fibers in our socks. Therefore, you can enjoy a soft-smooth quality feeling against the skin. This is what helps make bamboo socks unique as opposed to the usual cotton socks. Also, it helps to put in perspective just What Are Bamboo Socks Made Of! After all, the smooth and comfortable nature of these socks obviously comes from the unique properties of a bamboo tree. 

The substance that is known as Bamboo Kun can be found inside of bamboo fibers. This helps the bamboo fibers have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that make these socks so special. Therefore, these socks do not build up bacteria the same way that cotton socks build up bacteria. Bacteria are usually the cause of smelly feet and it stays on cotton socks no matter how often you wash them. 

Bamboo Socks: Comfortable & Calming To The Touch

What Are Bamboo Socks Made Of that help these socks stay so comfortable and cozy? As previously mentioned, we have put together a formula that has been in the making for many years. The natural bamboo fiber is organically round and smooth and there is no chemical treatment added. Cotton socks require chemical treatment and this causes for them to have sharp spurs which are very irritating. Instead, bamboo socks stay soft, cozy, and relaxing at all times!

Another aspect of understanding What Are Bamboo Socks Made Of deals with the durability and longevity of our bamboo socks. However, what is truly important deals with all of the natural qualities available in bamboo trees. The organic durability, stability, and tenacity of bamboo trees help these socks stand up to the wear and tear of daily life. It allows for great elasticity that does not stretch out the socks! Therefore, you can do all of your outdoor work with no worries.

Our One Tree Program

While we do want to focus on What Are Bamboo Socks Made Of, it is important to focus on making a difference in the world. As a result, we have put together our One Tree program in an attempt to help fight against climate change and mistreating the environment. Due to all of the great health benefits that come from bamboo trees and how they help the environment, our One Tree program aims to plant trees.

Our One Tree program guarantees that every pair of socks we sell will result in the planting of a tree. To put it simply, when you buy a pair of socks, we plant a tree. Our team donates money to a non-profit organization that works across the globe to plant trees. These trees are planted across 16 different countries that actually benefit from these trees. These countries benefit from our simple contribution through climate, clean air, cleaner water, and more. So when you buy our products you are helping the world Step Into A Greener Future.

Closing Words On What Are Bamboo Socks Made Of Explained

Our motto here at Dig Socks is, Step Into A Greener Future. Now, this is not just some saying that we use to sell products. Instead, this is something that we truly believe in and something that we believe in being active in as well! Therefore, if you shop at Dig Socks, then you are getting a great product and helping the world as well. As a result, you can enjoy the best of both worlds! 

If you buy just one pair of socks, you can change your life and help change the course of history as well. Planting these bamboo trees can help fight against global warming and climate change. Bamboo trees remove CO2 from the air which is the main cause of climate change across the globe. Check out our website and our shop for our great bamboo socks. Look back over our information on just What Are Bamboo Socks Made Of for extra help as well.

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