Bamboo Socks vs. Cotton: Why Bamboo Is Better

Bamboo socks vs cotton socks provide customers and the earth with great benefits.
Bamboo socks vs cotton socks provide customers and the earth with great benefits.

Buying Bamboo Socks vs Cotton Socks

New fashion trends and styles take place every single year. One of the newest trends involves buying bamboo socks. As a matter of fact, people are even buying themselves bamboo bed sheets and more. However, a good number of customers are unaware of the facts on bamboo socks vs cotton socks. Therefore, our team at Dig Socks has set out to help customers learn everything they need to know about bamboo socks.

It took us three years to create the perfect kind of bamboo sock here at Dig Socks. We believe in using bamboo trees to create socks because of our passion for the environment. Also, these bamboo socks provide customers with some valuable benefits. These socks prevent odor, feel great, help the environment, and these socks are very polished. Look no further if you need a type of sock that can help change your life! 

If you do not know the differences between bamboo socks vs cotton socks, rejoice. We have put together a buyers guide to help customers truly understand these differences. After all, buying bamboo socks can potentially help alleviate any smell feet problems and more. Read more information below then check out our shop for some of the best bamboo socks available.

Bamboo Socks vs Cotton Socks: The Facts On Bamboo

The benefits of bamboo socks vs cotton socks are better experienced than explained. We highly recommend customers buy one pair and try it out. You will love these socks so much that you will never go back to cotton socks. However, for those who want pure information, we have just what you need as well. That way, you can educate yourself on how great bamboo socks are and more. Then, you will be able to get some reliable, durable, and comfortable bamboo socks!

Bamboo as a plant is really great for the environment. Bamboo works to remove CO2 from the air, which has damaged the environment over the years. Also, these particular types of plants help enhance other aspects of local ecosystems. These enhancements include better climate, clean air, better water, a diverse bio-system, and better medicine and health. So take time to learn how bamboo socks vs cotton socks can help Earth.

Now, here are all of the advantages of bamboo socks over cotton socks.

Bamboo Socks vs Cotton Socks: Eco-Friendly

First and foremost, it is important for customers to understand that bamboo grows fast. As a matter of fact, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. Now, bamboo plants must be properly maintained and taken care of but that is quite simple as well. Bamboo does not deal with intensive chemical treatments like other types of trees. Also, using bamboo trees will help prevent cutting down large forests! So there are some clear advantages of bamboo socks vs cotton socks.

Bamboo does not require any fertilizer and it self-generates over time. Due to this property, bamboo trees do not need to be replanted after use. Instead, they will just grow back from the roots in the ground. Also, cotton socks require a lot of water, hard work, and pesticides as well. So bamboo socks provide a healthier and safer cultivation process. As a result, the benefits of bamboo socks vs cotton socks start with production.

The production process of bamboo socks is great and thus, the end product is just as wonderful. Thanks to so many of the properties of bamboo, bamboo socks are a superior product. Customers can enjoy the removal of gross foot odors and more breathability. As a result, understanding the advantage of bamboo socks vs cotton socks is not that difficult!

Bamboo Socks vs Cotton Socks: Anti-Odor Capabilities

Are you struggling to deal with foul foot odors? This can be embarrassing and may prevent some people from wanting to be active. However, you are not alone in this situation. In 2012, the National Foot Health Assessment revealed that nearly 16% of all adults 21 and over deal with foot odors. This is actually a problem that is common amongst both men and women. So anyone and everyone will enjoy the benefits of bamboo socks vs cotton socks.

Bamboo contains a substance referred to as Bamboo Kun. Bamboo Kun is not just a unique substance but it also has impressive qualities. These rare qualities are why bamboo socks are just so amazing. Bacteria and fungi on the floor will gather on cotton socks. As a matter of fact, cotton absorbs these bacteria and it will grow over time. This bacteria is what causes disgusting food odors for many Americans. However, you can rid yourself of this problem with bamboo socks.

The natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungi properties of Bamboo Kun prevent the growth of these pesky problems. This means that bamboo socks are actively working to stay clean rather than collecting germs like cotton socks. Therefore, the advantages of bamboo socks vs cotton socks are quite obvious. Also, Bamboo Kun helps customers in other ways!

Bamboo Socks vs Cotton Socks: Less Washing, More Savings

Owners of cotton socks wash their socks way too much. Customers do this to try and rid their socks of odor. However, this will do absolutely nothing to help their foot odor. Instead, it is better to just buy bamboo socks. These socks are 3 times more effective than cotton socks in resisting bacteria. As a result, there is no odor that builds up within bamboo socks. So one advantage of bamboo socks vs cotton socks involves saving money on energy bills.

Washing clothes less will not just save you money on energy bills. Clothes last longer when they are not washed every single week or more. As a matter of fact, this is what usually ruins graphic t-shirts and designs. However, when you get some bamboo socks, you can enjoy a longer-lasting product. As a result, there are great benefits to understanding bamboo socks vs cotton socks.

Bamboo Socks vs Cotton Socks: Cool & Cozy

Bamboo socks vs cotton socks can separate being uncomfortable from being cozy and comfortable. As a matter of fact, bamboo naturally creates breathable and cool socks. There are micro-gaps and micro-holes all throughout the cross-section of the bamboo fiber. Simply put, bamboo fiber features a bunch of holes and gaps all throughout the sock. Therefore, these socks provide the best possible ventilation for customers.

More airflow means less sweat and more comfortable. Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate how cool these socks keep their feet. However, bamboo socks do not stop here in terms of comfortability. Instead, bamboo socks actively work to give customers help when they do get sweaty.

Bamboo has naturally exceptional wicking properties. This means that bamboo socks can actively absorb sweat. As a result, bamboo socks absorb sweat right off or your skin. Then, the sweat will just organically evaporate and leave. Feet will stay dry at all times and this helps to prevent problems like athletes foot. As a result, it is easy to understand the advantages of bamboo socks vs cotton socks.

Bamboo Socks vs Cotton Socks: Delicate & Dapper

One of the best parts of bamboo socks vs cotton socks involves how these looks look and feel. First and foremost, our Dig Socks are incredibly stylish. We created a unique and distinct design that cannot be found elsewhere. Due to the natural properties of bamboo socks, these products are much easier to customize. The lightweight and durable fabric require less dye than cotton. Therefore, it is better for the customer and the environment at the same time!

Bamboo socks vs cotton socks boast a much more vivid type of fabric color. Cotton socks just do not have the same type of fabric quality. As a result, bamboo socks can feature some truly polished details. Customers can easily turn heads and attract attention by just simply buying some bamboo socks. 

Bamboo socks are so versatile for all kinds of occasions. Especially if you decide to buy yourself a darker color like black or gray. You can wear bamboo socks in athletic situations, casual situations with friends, relaxing at home watching television, and even formal situations. Bamboo socks vs cotton socks really help highlight just how much better bamboo socks are than cotton socks. So do not hesitate to upgrade your style and comfortability with bamboo socks.

Bamboo Socks vs Cotton Socks: Durability

Natural properties in bamboo socks provide a long-lasting design for optimal durability. High-abrasion proof tolerance helps these socks avoid wear and tear. Therefore, customers can enjoy their bamboo socks much longer than cotton socks. As a result, you can money in the long run that you normally would spend on new cotton socks a couple of times a year. This provides customers with great stability and longevity and even goes so far as to save customers money. So think about all of these benefits of bamboo socks vs cotton socks when trying to make your decision.

The natural bamboo material is going to perform much better under daily stress unlike synthetic, fake materials found in cotton socks. These socks are 98% resistant to harmful UV rays that come down from the sun. UV rays can eventually wear down materials over time and fade colors as well. So these bamboo socks are going to look good for a very long time. Also, these bamboo socks boast an impressive amount of elasticity for optimal flexibility. You can be as active as you want and these socks will always return to their original shape!

Our Bamboo Socks vs Cotton Socks Explained

Here at Dig Socks, we are unlike any other sock manufacturer in the country. As previously mentioned, we took three years to create our bamboo socks. We did not want to start selling socks until we had the right design. That way, we can now offer customers the very best product. However, this is not the only way in which Dig Socks differs from other companies.

Our team at Dig Socks takes pride in treating our customers well and the environment. As a matter of fact, our roots are deeply planted in protecting and helping the environment. Due to this, we put in so much work to try and perfect socks from a sustainable crop. We believe that it is better to utilize bamboo trees rather than regular trees. Bamboo trees are more natural and are sustainable as well. They grow quickly and prevent manufacturers from cutting down forests of trees!

We have a unique and distinct One Tree program set up here at Dig Socks. This program is designed to help plant trees across the globe. When you buy a pair of socks, we will plant one tree. Therefore, every single pair of socks sold will guarantee that a tree is planted. After all, these trees help provide a better sense of health for the environment. So customers can both improve their own lives and the world around them at the same time. Visit our shop to help spread trees across the globe!

Enjoy style, comfortability, and durability with bamboo socks vs cotton socks.
Enjoy style, comfortability, and durability with bamboo socks vs cotton socks.

Closing Facts On Bamboo Socks vs Cotton Socks

If you need help with any of the previously mentioned sock situations, get yourself some bamboo socks. These socks will help change your life for the better in so many ways. Your feet will smell better, you will be more comfortable, and you are helping out the environment as well. Also, contributing to our company will help us continue to treat the environment well.

We not only create socks great for the environment but we even take extra steps in other situations. For instance, our packaging is made from recycled materials. All of our displays are created with recycled wood. Also, they are even painted with a low carbon footprint paint. So we have all of the bases covered in treating the environment well. Look at our shop for some great socks and you can help make an impact on the world!

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